Introduction To RTIC Jammu:

Tawi Canal:

Salient Features:

Year of Start = 1970-71
Year of Completion = 1977
Cost of Scheme = Rs. 745.00 Lacs
Length of Canal = 28 Kms
Total No. of Distributories = 11 No.
Length of Distribution System= 172 Kms
Type of Canal = Lined Lift Canal
CCA = 14170 Hec. 35000 Acres
Ultimate Potential = 12880 Hec. (31814 Acres)
Potential Created = 12880 Hec. (31814 Acres)
Potential Utilization during 2010-11 = 6210 Hec. (15339 Acres)

Tawi Pump House:

No. of Pumping Units = 6 NoV.T Pumps of 60 cusecs discharge 1000HP/750 KW Motors each, one pumping unit stand by:
Power Supply = 6.6KV AC, 3 Phase, 50HZ
Take of point = Left Bank of River Tawi at Bahu Fort Area.
Design Discharge of Tawi Canal = 300 Cusecs

Ravi Canal:

Inaguration: Sher-e-Kashmir Jenab Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah inagurated The Main Ravi Canal on 14th April 1982.

Financial Cost:

Original Cost = Rs. 2984.00 Lacs
Revised Cost = Rs. 63122.00 Lacs

Salient Features:

Year of Start = 1975-76
Design Discharge of Canal = 1150 Cusecs
Total Length of Main Ravi Canal From proposed Shahpur Kandi Dam = 81.25 Km
Length Completed = 79 Km
Total Length of Distribution System = 585 Kms
Length Completed = 485 Kms
Total No. of Distributaries = 20 No.
Culturable Command Area (CCA) = 32185 Hec. (79500 Acres).
Ultimate Potential = 53900 Hec. (133133 Acres)
Potential Created = 40000Hec. (98800 Acres)
Potential Utilized during 2010-11 = (31200 Acres) 12634 Hec.

Interim Arrangement Made By Const. Of Lakhanpur Lift Station And Basantpur Lift Station Due To Non-Completion Of Shahpur Kandi Dam:

Lakhanpur Lift Station:

No. of Pumping unit = 15 Nos units of 17 cusecs and 450 HP Motor each including 3 Nos pumping unit stand by
Take off point = Kashmir Canal
Total Discharge = 200 Cusecs
Power Supply = 6.6 KV AC, 3 Phase 50 Hz

Basantpur Lift Station:

No. of Pumping unit = 6 Nos units of 100 cusecs and 450 HP Motor each including 1 Nos pumping unit stand by
Take off point = River Ravi (D/S Ranjit Sagar Dam)
Total Discharge = 500 Cusecs.
Power Supply = 6.6 KV AC, 3 Phase 50 Hz

Ujh Level Crossing (Barrage):

The Ujh Level Crossing (Barrage) was constructed across River Ujh instead of canal syphon proposed initially to tap the available
 water from River Ujh into the Ravi Canal to feed Ujh canal (old).


Year of Commissioning = 1975
Total length of Ujh Barrage = 350 Mtrs
No. of gates Spill way = 18 Nos. Under sluice = 3 No. Head Regulator = 4 No.


Interstate Agreement Between The States Of Jammu & Kashmir and Punjab: An agreement was arrived at Delhi on 20th January 1979 between Late. Jenab Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah the then Chief Minister of J&K and S. Parkash Singh Badal, Chief Minister of Punjab:

Important Features of Agreement:

The Jammu and Kashmir is entitled to agreemented share of 0.69 MAF of supplies from River Ravi which includes prepartition
utilization of 0.04 MAF.
Ravi Canal which was earlier envisaged to be taken from Ranjit Sagar Dam, shall now be taken off from proposed Shahpurkandi Dam.
The J&K Government shall contribute towards the cost of the Shahpurkandi Dam, an amount equal to the difference in costs of  taking off the Ravi Canal from below Ranjit Sagar Dam and that taking off the same from Shahpurkandi Dam which works out of Rs. 14.98 Crore at that time and wetted by CWC as well.
10% of the total cost incurred on Ranjit Sagar Dam Project, which is attributable to irrigation portion is to be paid by Jammu and Kashmir Government to Punjab Government. The amount thus payable comes, to 106 Crores as communicated by Punjab Government on 17th July, 2008.
As per clause (7) of 1979 agreement, the J&K State is entitled for 20% share in the total power generation at Ranjit Sagar  Dam and Shahpurkandi Dam at the cost of generation at Busbar. This 20% share of power comes to 150.60 MWs out of 768 MWS (i.e. 600 MWs at Ranjit Sagar Dam and 168 MWs at Shahpurkandi Dam.

Set Back: 

The J&K State has received a great setback for want of its rightful share of water from River Ravi due to non construction of Shahpurkandi Dam. About 42766 Hec.(105700 Acres) of land are devoid of irrigation facilities in Kandi Belt of District Kathua, Samba and Jammu, thus causing financial losses on various counts amounting to Rs. 8600.00 Crores ending 10/2009 (Power and crops) Keeping these facts in view, the claim of the Punjab Government is to be refuted since J&K Government has already suffered huge losses of 8600.00 Crore due to non implementation of the agreement reached between the two Governments. The payment of Rs. 106.00 Crores as claimed by Punjab Government to be payable by J&K Govt. as per clause (1) of the agreement of 1979 attributed towards irrigation portion of Ranjit Sagar Dam and Cost Share of Rs. 14.98 Crores towards cost of Shahpurkandi Barrage (difference in costs of taking off Ravi Canal from below Ranjit Sagar Dam and the required for taking off the same from Shahpurkandi Dam, is not sustainable since no portion of irrigation works pertaining to Ravi Canal of J&K Government were constructed by the Punjab Government.

Subsidiary Lift Irrigation Station (Raya):

Salient Features:

Year of Start = 1981-82
Year of Completion = In progress
Source = Tawi Canal
Estimated Cost of Scheme = Rs. 315.00 Lacs
Revised cost of Scheme = = Rs. 1820.80 Lacs
Expenditure ending 03/11 = Rs. 1100.14 Lacs
Approved Outlay 2011-12 = Rs. 101.00 Lacs
Total Length of Main Canal = 8 Kms
Length Completed = 5.6 Km
Total Length of distribution system= 17.65 Km
Length Completed = 13.20 Km
CCA = 1400 Hec 3458 Acres
Ultimate Potential = 1117 Hec. 2759 Acres (single crop)
Potential Created = 600 Hec. 1482 Acres
Potential utilized 2010-11 = 26 Hec
No. of pumping units= 6 Nos Pumping unit of 7.2 Cusecs each No. Standby coupled with425 HP/318KW Motors each.
Length of Rising Main= 3.368 Kms 914mm Dia
Power Supply = 440 V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz connected with 2 Nos Transformer of 2.5 MVA.
Take off Point = Tawi Canal

Project Reports Submitted to the Government for Funding:

Restoration and Modernization of Main Ravi Canal and its distribution network under M.B.P.. Estimated Cost 62.27 crores.

Extension of Main Ravi Canal from Basantpur to Ranjit Sagar Dam at Satwain Estimated Cost 275 crores.